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Change of PFM and Merit Certificate Format

Posted on 17 January 2019

Dear Professionals,

This announcement serves to inform all candidates about the changes in regards with PFM and Merit certificate. IFMI has been working to make, design and create an appealing and trustable form of certificates which you can use to enhance your personal profile and enable your employers, clients, and colleagues to verify your PFM credential. The appearance of the latest PFM certificate and availability on the PFM website is designed to enable easy access for you.

There are a couple of changes as shown below where the certificate appears with a new look and have new features.


Picture 1.1 the Appearance of PFM Certificate


New PFM certificate includes a barcode which you and third parties can use for searching your basic information and whether you have already obtained PFM Certification by using QR Code available on your certificate. By using the QR code such as seen above, you will be able to access the personal profile page for the person in the person search section in the PFM website after you scan the code. The QR code provided in the PFM Certificate is located at the bottom right side of the certificate and has your certification number under it. The number shows the identification number of your certification according to the date you passed the examination.

Picture 1.2 QR Code on Your PFM Certificate

In the PFM Certified Person Information page, you can see your name in the format of your name PFM and your basic profile as well as the photo profile that you have provided. This page enables people to see that the person has obtained PFM Designation and their certification is active. There is also some basic information such as your city and country you reside, as well as certification validity status, postal code and current occupation and company you are working. You can always update this information by editing your profile.


Picture 2.1 the Format of Person Information Page in PFM Website


Picture 2.2 the Format of Person Information Page in PFM Website


Since the recertification requirement is already effective, your certificate will have a validity period of three years. So if you passed the examination at the year 2019 and received the PFM Designation in 2019, you will have three years until the year 2022 until your PFM Designation expires. If the date of issuance is 11 January 2019 like shown below, then your PFM certification will expire on 11 January 2022.

After the expiration date, your profile will automatically be retracted and cannot be searched anymore in Person Information Page. To avoid your status become inactive and suspended, you need to take the recertification process. Detail about recertification can be seen in PFM Website.

When you have completed the recertification process, you will get a new certificate by downloading it online and extend your PFM certification.


Picture 1.3 Date of Issuance and Valid Trough

The design of Merit Certificate is also rejuvenated as seen on the picture below. The merit certificate is only issued once and available in soft copy format. The Merit Certificate is given to the person who has fully completed the PFM Computer Examination by filling all needed answers within the allocated time. There is a new provision that you will receive Merit Certificate only if you pass the Computer Practice Examination.


Picture 3.1 the Format of Merit Certificate


Your PFM Certificate and Merit Certificate can be downloaded in PFM Website after you log in.

Currently, IFMI still provides the PFM and Merit Certificates in hard copy format without additional charge. Re-issued PFM Certificate after you complete recertification process is only available online.


Thank You,


IFMI Operational Management Bureau

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