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Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

About PFM Curriculum - Professional Financial Modeler

About PFM Curriculum

PFM curriculum is designed to ensure that the candidate has sufficient understanding on financial analysis and ability to prepare basic corporate financial model. The curriculum covers all the knowledge required for someone to be considered as competent analyst

The program covers many subject areas where the emphasis is on practical approaches. The PFM curriculum even covers new concepts and models based on latest research and development.

Main goal of PFM Program is to transform the field of financial modeling to a new level and open the perception of the candidates in regards with the way they conduct analysis. For that goal, the curriculum is developed in such a way that it delivers topics, techniques and perspective never delivered in other programs.

Before a candidate decides to take PFM Examination, the candidate needs to ensure that he/she has sufficient mastery on the curriculum.

PFM Curriculum, especially for Multiple Choice Examination is outlined in PFM Body of Knowledge (PFM BOK). The BOK is the basis to determine which topic appears on PFM Multiple Choice examination. That means, no examination problem with no relevance to specific BOK will be delivered in the exam.

The Body of Knowledge (PFM BOK) is periodically updated in light with the latest development in PFM Curriculum. You need to regularly check the latest BOK in PFM website.

You can download the BOK by visiting the library section of this website or by clicking download button below.
Download Body of Knowledge

Besides PFM BOK, candidate also needs to familiarize with the highly standardized format of PFM Computer Practice Examination. The format is available in a document called PFM Computer Practice Examination Guideline.

PFM has adopted Sustainable Financial Modeling principles to ensure that a model developed is based on reasonable and adequate basis on model preparation process with emphasis on model reasonableness in the long run. This is important because no one cannot really predict the future. However, by developing a model based on sound principles, the potential for future deviation from prediction is much reduced. Hence, the models will gain more credibility and trust from clients and public.

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