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Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals
Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

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Why do you need PFM?

Many people associate financial model with something related to catwalk. Although we cannot blame them for the misconception, it may lead to missed career opportunity.

Financial modeling is a field in finance which deals with the forecast, development and analysis of the future of a company or asset. In corporate finance, it is used to predict the future prospect and value of an investment.

Financial model is also an important job function in financial professions, namely:

  1. Financial and research analyst
  2. Investment banker
  3. Fund manager and investor
  4. Corporate planner and strategist
  5. Business development
  6. Risk manager
  7. And others…

As you know, those jobs are among the most highly paid jobs in financial sector, and the competition to obtain and advance in those careers are tough. Strong financial modeling skill and analysis is a must to excel.

Developing a sound model needs a specialized expertise to obtain accurate analysis and make correct strategic decision. Since analysts are in constant pursuit to stay ahead of competitors for best values and opportunities, they must keep on learning the most progressive modeling techniques and knowledge which requires advanced learning and sometimes must consider taking professional degree as a prove of skill to employer and clients.

So, learn more on how to master the financial modeling knowledge and sharpen your analysis.

Be a Professional Financial Modeler now.

About PFM

Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is professional certification program which awards PFM designation for those who have attended preparation class and pass a full day single level exam. The curriculum covers the field of financial model, which deals with forecasting the future of financial condition pertaining to a company or project, preparing projection on company finances, equity and project valuation, feasibility analysis and risk analysis

PFM preparation and examination is a highly interactive program designed to deliver practical understanding on effective financial modeling. The program covers many subject areas and and through real-life case studies, the emphasis will be on practical approaches.

PFM Curriculum embeds new concepts and models which are not delivered in other modeling classes where some concepts are proprietary to PFM Program

PFM has adopted Sustainable Financial Modeling principles to ensure that a model developed has reasonable and adequate basis on model preparation process with emphasis on model reasonableness in the long run

PFM Curriculum is outlined in PFM Body of Knowledge (PFM BOK). There are two important aspects which have become the pivot points in the development of PFM BOK

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Copyright International Financial Modeling Institute © 2018. All Right Reserved.