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Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals
Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

Who Benefits from Becoming PFM Designation Holder - Professional Financial Modeler

Who Benefits from Becoming PFM Designation Holder

PFM Program is fundamentally different from most other financial modelling training programs. Many other financial modelling programs are aimed to train financial model developer on spreadsheet (such as Excel) skill. PFM Program is applicable for much wider audience. As seen in graph below, people involved in taking financial modelling program can be divided into 3 segmentations depending on the financial modelling skill subset required in performing daily job.

1. Model Developer

Model Developer is a person whose job is preparing a financial model on mostly full time basis. Some are also analysts of the model. This is the narrowest segment within financial modelling profession. The person is usually required to possess strong skill in spreadsheet programming. PFM does not require certain developer technical knowledge such as programming language or creation of dashboard. However, PFM Program is useful even for the most advanced model developer as it requires understanding on various breakthrough knowledge not delivered in other most programs.

2. Analyst and Decision Maker

Someone who does not prepare a model from scratch but rather update models based on project or requirement, analyze and make decision based on it. The segment is much wider than model developer. Many of them now use commercially provided financial model softwares. PFM Program is very useful for them as it is a blend between financial model and unique analytical knowledge. Such person needs the knowledge to understand and able to upgrade a model, ensure that the model has high predictive value and make striking analysis out of it. PFM requires comprehensive understanding on the concepts and apply in corporate model. The unique knowledge in PFM Program will provide new horizon of analytical knowledge for such professional segment.

3. Stakeholder and User

Stake Holder and User is the widest segment within financial modelling profession. They are not model developers or decision makers. The person has job description related to financial model and hence, require some understanding about financial model. Accountant, auditor, tax officer and academician are examples of such profession. PFM Program enables them to understand all aspects in a model, including the logic involved and enables them to assess the robustness of a model in relation to market, analyze and help them get hollistic view when conducting their jobs. Accountant, for example, will learn how to relate financial reports which is historical with analytical predictive tools such as credit analysis or valuation.

List of Professions which Receive Benefit in Taking PFM Examination

  • Academician in the field of finance, business, accounting or management
  • Accountant
  • Appraisal or valuation specialist
  • Business consultant and advisor
  • Business development manager
  • Commercial credit banker or financial institution
  • Economist
  • Financial auditor
  • Financial controller
  • Financial & investment analyst
  • Government and public officer or regulator
  • Insolvency expert
  • Investment banker & transaction advisor
  • Officer working in NGO or multinational institution
  • Private equity and hedge fund analyst
  • Project manager or analyst
  • Regulator
  • Risk analyst
  • Strategic & financial planner
  • Tax officer and consultant
  • Trader or portfolio and treasury manager
Highly specialized professions such as: private equity analysts, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, risk quant, etc.

PFM Program provides some notable benefits to Candidates:

  1. PFM Curriculum employs methods which will improve prediction and valuation quality
  2. Applicable to most industries
  3. The rigorous exam ensures that the participant knowledge retention rate will be much higher than non exam training. The exam also ensures that the designation holder already meets a certain standard. This is the key benefit obtained by companies who send their people to take PFM program.
  4. Full of spreadsheet based practice to ensure that the curriculum can be applied in real life situation.
  5. Participants who pass exam will be awarded Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) international designation.
  6. Access to financial modeling community.
  7. There will be no modeling software or third party service used or promoted.
  8. Focus on core modeling skill

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Copyright International Financial Modeling Institute © 2018. All Right Reserved.