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PFM Partnership

PFM Examination candidates are responsible for preparing for PFM Examination. Since IFMI may not conduct PFM preparation training, IFMI appoints partners to deliver the preparation programs. As a partner, you have the opportunity to provide training for PFM candidates in your country, market, or area.

Delivering PFM preparation training is sustainable in the long run as the PFM certification program has its market segment. Once you have developed public awareness about PFM certification in your country or market, people will continually register for your classes.

PFM Program has proven its adherence to global standards by completing highly rigorous accreditation from International Accreditation Services, the USA, which is the leading global accreditor for a certification body. Only a few certification bodies have so far obtained this accreditation from IAS.

The PFM curriculum presents a lot of unique and challenging concepts in financial analysis to encourage self-development by exam takers. Partners have the opportunity to create engagement with participants by delivering a suitable program. In reality, most exam candidates take preparation courses conducted by partners to maximize their comprehension before taking the examination.

The PFM scheme and curriculum have also evolved from time to time by enhancing its curriculum and will continually do so in the future. The curriculum development creates a continuous business flow to partners as some training participants will re-attend classes to catch up with the latest curriculum. Hence, the PFM partnership is designed to be a long term synergistic collaboration.

For university partners, preparing students to take PFM Examination means the students can get two degrees/titles at once: a degree provided through the completion of their education program and the PFM Designation. The dual titles will bring advantages for students after they graduate.

There are two types of partnership scheme:
  1. Registered Training Provider (RTP)
  2. RTP delivers public and in-house training where the training is exclusively designed to prepare participants to take PFM Examination.

  3. University Partner (UP)
  4. University Partner is an institution delivering formal education for either undergraduate or graduate levels. The UP includes the PFM Curriculum as part of their formal education program and prepares students for taking PFM Examination.

The partnership scheme is established to ensure quality preparation delivery. A partner will receive many advantages and may propose to take one or both roles above.

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