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PFM Study Material

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PFM Study Material

Upon attending PFM Preparation Program, candidate will obtain several study materials to prepare candidate for taking PFM Examination.

The provided materials already cover the whole PFM Curriculum. PFM Program does not require participant to obtain other third party materials or any other supplemental materials.

Below are the list of materials provided upon attending PFM Preparation Program. Click on each of the material to get more detailed information on the item.

  • PFM Certification Program Guideline
  • This booklet contains everything a candidate must know in regards with PFM Program

  • PFM Program Module
  • This book contains all the concepts and knowledge required to prepare for PFM Examination. A candidate should focus study by using this module.

  • Case Book
  • To enhance learning, there are spreadsheet based exercises conducted during class delivery. The case background of the exercise is presented in this publication

  • Compilation of Financial Modeling Software
  • Contains numerous spreadsheets to supplant learning process. Each spreadsheet is designed to bring concept into financial model practice. Licensed Training Provider may opt to provide the compilation at once or provide partially before each training session.

  • PFM Course Material
  • This material contains the printed form of presentation materials delivered during training program. This material is produced by Licensed Training Provider to enable participant to follow the study process smoothly. Each LTP may produce this material differently as LTP has discretion to design their own presentation materials. This material should not be used as main reference for PFM Curriculum. Candidate should rely on PFM Program Module as main reading instead.

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