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Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals
Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

Who Benefits from Becoming PFM Designation Holder - Professional Financial Modeler
Who Benefits from Becoming PFM Designation Holder

PFM Examination will test your level of knowledge on analytical modeling, that is the knowledge in financial analysis combined with the skill for preparing a full set financial model.

PFM Program applies to a wide range of audience. You are not required to work as a financial analyst or even a financial modeler to hold PFM Designation. But you are expected to have a certain component or part of your job conducting financial analysis or preparing some financial models (such as preparing budget) to keep your designation relevant.

As seen in the graph below, people involved in taking financial modeling program can be divided into three segments depending on the financial analysis and modeling skill required for performing the daily job.

  1. Model Developer

    Model Developer is a person whose job is preparing a financial model to be used by others on the mostly full-time basis. The person is usually required to possess strong skill in various spreadsheet programming languages. PFM does not require specific developer technical knowledge such as programming language or ability to create a dashboard. However, PFM Certification is useful to test even for the most advanced model developer as it requires an understanding of various concepts and knowledge in finance.

  2. Analyst and Decision Maker

    Someone who conducts financial analysis, prepare some spreadsheet-based financial model for analytical purpose or makes a decision, such as for securities trader. The person may also develop a model which is more simple than what a developer does. The segment is much broader than the model developer. PFM Certification is very suitable for them as it requires the blend between financial analysis and financial model development capability. Such a person needs the knowledge to analyze and ability to prepare a model, ensuring that the model has high predictive value and make a striking decision of the analysis.

  3. Stake Holder and User

    Stakeholder and User is the broadest segment within the financial profession. They are not full-time model developers or financial analysts, but they conduct some analysis and model preparation as part of their job. Accountant, auditor, tax officer, and academician are examples of such occupations. However, the list can go much broader as many professions require some degree of understanding in finance. PFM Certification requires them to understand essential aspects of finance. Accountant, for example, need to know how to relate financial reports which are historical with analysis for specific purposes such as credit analysis or valuation.

List of Professions Receiving Benefit in Taking PFM Examination

PFM Designation does not require a certified person or candidate to work in a particular occupation or profession as the knowledge and skill tested in PFM Examination may be possessed and applied by persons working across wide range of professions.

However, there are some professions where maintaining PFM Designation may bring the most benefit to careers under such occupations.

  • Academician in the field of finance, business, accounting or management
  • Accountant
  • Appraisal or valuation specialist
  • Business consultant and advisor
  • Business development manager
  • Commercial credit banker or financial institution
  • Economist
  • Financial auditor
  • Financial controller
  • Financial & investment analyst
  • Government and public officer
  • Government and public officer or regulator
  • Insolvency expert
  • Investment banker & transaction advisor
  • An officer working in NGO or multinational institution
  • Private equity and hedge fund analyst
  • The project manager or analyst
  • Regulator
  • Risk analyst
  • Strategic & financial planner
  • Tax officer and consultant
  • Trader or portfolio and treasury manager

Also, Highly specialized professions such as private equity analysts, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, risk quant, etc

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