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Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

Exam Problem Sample - Professional Financial Modeler

Sample of Multiple Choice Problems

1. The main benefit in the use of autoregressive model is
2. The use of drift in Monte Carlo model is to:
3. These are the accounts commonly associated with Current Maturity of Long Term Liabilities, EXCEPT:
4. The characteristic of preferred shares is:
5. The benefit of using indirect cash flow method compared to direct method
6. These are the methods of determining future interest rates, EXCEPT:
7. The best interest rate used in determining risk free rate is:
8. Among the components used to determine revenue, which one typically has maximum capping
9. During the accumulation of Interest During Construction (IDC), the correct treatment in a model is:
10. Enterprise value is:
11. If firm value is $ 1,000, debt is $ 300, cash is $ 150 and marketable securities is $ 250, then the enterprise value is:
12. Residual income is applicable in the condition below:
13. The disadvantage of Price to Book Value method is:
14. Project major types based on physical existence, EXCEPT:
15. The correct ratio to measure the profitability is:
16. Factor affecting the level of Degree of Operating Leverage is:
17. The component in calculating the cash flow for project feasibility analysis, EXCEPT:
18. The method below can determine the feasibility of a project based on the comparison between benefit and cost is called:
19. The main weakness of present value based feasibility analysis model is:
20. The correct analytical tool to determine the whether the increase in one account across time is in line with other accounts is:

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