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About Registered Training Provider

Registered Training Provider (RTP) is a term for a company or party which provides PFM preparation training whether in the form of offline or online for specific country, region or market. Before receiving formal status as RTP, they must sign agreement with IFMI to fulfill and maintain specificrequirements to ensure the high quality delivery of PFM preparation program and compliance to provisions set forth by IFMI.

It is a primary requirement that RTP may not make any promise and/or guarantee to anyone joining the training program that he/she will pass PFM examination and obtain PFM designation.

In order for an RTP to label their program as PFM preparation training or other similar terminologies, the main focus of the program must be about preparing their participants for taking PFM Examination conducted by IFMI. RTP need to render effort to ensure that their participants attend PFM Examination after attending their program.

RTP uses the latest PFM BOK to develop PFM Certification preparatory training curriculum and material. RTP may also use training materials provided by other parties.

As a benefit to the RTP, IFMI will put the description of the RTP in special section of IFMI website to enable access by candidates who wish to takethe preparatory course before taking PFM examination

IFMI is not responsible for the output and outcomes of RTP’s training, promotional and/or communication activities and/or the quality of their learning material and will not take into consideration in the decision for PFM Certification on whether the Candidate does self-study or join any preparatory training conducted by any RTP or Non-RTP and/or using any learning material provided by any party.

IFMI cooperates with training provider institutions that use BOK or certification program curriculum managed by IFMI as reference and training standard, however, the result of the training and/or certificate from the training provider institution is not a sign of competency, not a guarantee of passing the certification competency test and does not affect the decision not to test the certification program held by IFMI.


RJ Consulting is the most prominent provider for PFM preparation training. Most of PFM Examination participants attended classes conducted by RJ Consulting. It has trained almost 800 professionals to prepare for PFM Examination since 2014. The training classes are conducted in several South East Asian countries. RJ Consulting also publishes PFM Program Module, a reference book containing the knowledge based on PFM Body of Knowledge. Participant of its training program is furnished with a large collection of spreadsheet files to help grasp the material in the most effective way. RJ Consulting also provides participant with e-learning platform.



Unpar+ partners with IFMI to provide a PFM Training Program to prepare trainees to take the PFM Exam which is held in one package with Training using Original PFM Materials and registration for the PFM Exam.

If you would like your company or Institution to become a Registered Training Providers for a country or region, contact for more information.

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