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Impartiality and Fairness Policy Statement - Professional Financial Modeler

Impartiality and Fairness Policy Statement

PFM Certification is designed to ensure impartiality and fairness. IFMI recognize the importance of impartiality in carrying out its PFM Certification and manage any possibilities for conflict of interest through document analysis to minimize such threats. IFMI continuously identifies and analyzes conflict of interest and set actions to eliminate and minimize the conflict to ensure impartiality in the Certification Process.

IFMI is solely responsible for the awarding, suspension, withdrawal and revocation of the PFM Certification and never delegates such decision to another party. IFMI administers the delivery of PFM Examination worldwide.

IFMI has not conducted training preparation on PFM program. Instead, IFMI appoints licensed Training Providers who are authorized to deliver PFM preparation program for a specific region. LTP may not make any promises or imply that participation in the training provided by any LTP guarantees that the candidate passes PFM Examination or obtains any special concession which makes the examination unfairly easier to pass. IFMI does not take into consideration whether the Candidate has participated in any LTP’s training program when making a pass or fail decision.

IFMI, its personnel, and partners will keep confidential all information relating to a candidate or certified person provided during the certification process and will not disclose the information to any third party unless required to do so by:

  1. prevailing law
  2. the consent by the candidate

This provision excludes the limited basic profile information provided for person search purposes and some other feature or publications produced by IFMI to the public.

IFMI personnel and partners have signed confidentiality agreements to maintain confidentiality at all time.

Any perceived breaches of impartiality or conflict of interest will be made available to its Impartial Committee for investigation an and resolution. IFMI would welcome any inquiries relating to any perceived breaches of impartiality, fairness and confidentiality and its resolution that can be submitted through the following email

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