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Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals
Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

What is PFM? - Professional Financial Modeler
What is PFM?

Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is a professional certification program conducted by an organization called International Financial Modeling Institute, an organization which awards PFM Designation for those who have passed a single level examination.

PFM Program is a Certification Program, which means, PFM Designation cannot be obtained by any means other than passing the examination and fulfill some requirements.

PFM is an international certification. Why international? Because the same examination scheme and standard is valid in all countries where the examination is administered. The Designation is awarded only to eligible person and valid worldwide. The Designation can be placed behind his/her name and brings recognition to those who possess it.

PFM Certification Program proves your competence in the field of financial analysis and financial model which is essential for every professional dealing with finance, project, investment, business analysis, and many others.

Currently, PFM Examination is a single level examination consists of two modules examination conducted in one day. The examination is available as an onsite (physical) examination in certain countries.

The examination tests candidate on conceptual and analytical financial knowledge and his/her capability to apply financial concepts by developing a standardized financial model based on a spreadsheet program which is mostly on Microsoft Excel which has to be completed within a time limit.

Module 1

Multiple Choice Examination tests the level of theoretical understanding and the ability to conduct various financial analyses. The candidate must possess sufficient knowledge of some accounting, basic quantitative model, some basic macroeconomic knowledge and strong comprehension about various analytical and valuation concepts and calculations.

Module 2

Computer Practice Examination is a vocational exam which tests the practical ability to perform complex tasks in financial analysis culminated in the development of a complex full set financial model within a preset time limit. The Module requires the candidate to translate the knowledge on financial analysis into a full set corporate financial model.

To pass the PFM Examination, the candidate must pass both modules of the examination.

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