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Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals
Professional Financial Modeler

Certification for Financial Modeling Professionals

Why Taking PFM Certification Program - Professional Financial Modeler
Why Taking PFM Certification Program

There are reasons why you need to take PFM Examination and obtain your PFM Designation.

  1. PFM Designation brings credential and recognition to you
  2. Nowadays, apart from taking regular education programs, professionals need to equip themselves with the necessary skill and knowledge in order to perform in their professions. The professionals need to prove that they have the required skill and knowledge. Proving the level of competence of an individual is not easy, especially when the profession entails nonphysical skills and knowledge such as a financial analyst.

    Certification is a program that awards certificate or designation (professional title behind your name) if you pass certain examinations and fulfill requirements. By obtaining a designation, a person can prove that the person has a certain level of competency.

    PFM requires a candidate to pass the examination before obtaining the Designation. The Examination filters out less competent candidates as only competent candidates can pass. This makes the employer, client or stakeholder have better confidence in the capability of the PFM Holders in conducting financial analysis and developing a financial model. This allows the holders to obtain a better career and win the trust of clients.

    Create your personal branding with PFM Designation

    In many countries, it is uncommon to put education degrees in business cards, unless it is doctorate level degree. However, it is a norm that you put your professional design on your business cards and publications. Putting your designation brings instant recognition from clients, employers, and society, bringing you a lot of opportunities.

  3. PFM Curriculum ensures that the holders have a theoretical and practical understanding
  4. PFM curriculum mixes analytical knowledge and ability to apply the knowledge in a working spreadsheet-based financial model. This assures that designation holder possess a certain level of knowledge but also possess a practical capability. PFM Program requires the participant to understand financial concepts thoroughly to pass the exam. This assures clients, employers, and colleagues that the holders possess both analytical and practical finance ability.

  5. You are not required to work as financial analysts or financial modeler on a full-time basis to hold PFM Designation
  6. Many certifications are designed for people who work full time in a certain sector or profession. We understand that knowledge in financial analysis and some part of the financial model is necessary for various job roles across professions. Hence, PFM holders are not required to work as full-time analysts or modelers. You just need to have a financial model and analysis as a part of your job function. This allows you to work in any profession as you wish and still can hold your PFM Designation.

  7. PFM Examination focuses on core financial analysis and model understanding
  8. PFM does not test the capability of a candidate on spreadsheet programming skill including the ability to develop a model by using specific software or programming language but instead focus on conceptual understanding. This enables a lot of people without any knowledge of programming language to take and pass PFM Examination. Also, the absence of intricate programming language enables you to focus on strengthening your understanding of the big picture of finance.

  9. PFM Curriculum includes new and practical knowledge of financial analysis and modeling
  10. PFM curriculum continually adopts many breakthrough methods in the intention of bringing new methods and concepts applicable for analysts. The adoption of new techniques and methods in PFM Curriculum is to ensure that every candidate has achieved a level of knowledge beyond what is commonly achieved by most analysts.

  11. PFM Examination is part of the learning process
  12. PFM Examination is very effective to maximize your learning in financial analysis as it requires you to understand a lot about financial analysis and have the ability to integrate various topics in finance into a working analytical model. Your post examination knowledge retention will be much higher compared to just taking a training program without examination.

  13. Your PFM Designation is an investment
  14. Obtaining a PFM Designation is a personal investment. Currently, obtaining PFM Designation only requires you to pass a single level examination

However, PFM Certification Program is envisioned to gradually become one of the most comprehensive financial modeling examinations with a high level of difficulty and certainly, much lower passing rate. This will bring more prestige to current PFM Holders. PFM Program is continually upgraded and improved. The global accreditation, for example, is an effort to bring recognition through a high-quality process.

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